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Looks dark and atmospheric!  Maybe too scary for me, but I really like the aesthetic.

Interesting little gem

A great little game. Loved the atmosphere (much better than Percepction).

Eva and Nicolas give a great interview realized by Playade on our ENJMIN's student project "Shadow of a Sunless World" (in French) : 

The atmosphere was really well-crafted, and it really cultivates a sense of claustrophobia, versus something like Perception, where you're "blind," but the devs wanted you to see everything.

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Thank you very much guys. I really enjoyed watching you play our game.
The team put a lot of work and efforts into this demo.
It's really heart-warming.

Thank's for the advices you gived, and the appreciations.

Even if we have discussed some of them for a long time (such as adding a clap for the player to see further), it's always a pleasure to have interesting feedbacks on possible improvements!

Timothée Degli Innocenti - Environment artist

again,  I really love your game!  Such a well made horror experience and I truly appreciate it!  Can't wait until the full experience comes out! 

Not many echolocation based horror games here, and this one is very well polished so well done. I just wish there was a way for me to see more of the surroundings without walking. Like a sharp tap sound that the players can do that can show more of the area.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played

Really cool game. I usually don't like these vision through sound games, but this one was pretty good. I did have the problem of getting turned around a lot. maybe adding a loud but risky ability for your character to shout and reveal a large area would be cool.

So, I have to start off by saying that this is some really impressive mechanical and audio design. Since the whole game hinges on sound it was important that you nailed that, and you did! The echolocation was fantastic as well with the pulsating and breath mechanics. However, I found it extraordinarily difficult to figure out where I was supposed to be going and there wasn't any real sense of progression. Adding on top of that, there was very little respite for the tension the game is so amazing at building, because of this I became burnt out pretty quickly as there was never really a time set aside to calm down, collect yourself and enjoy the world. With a few tweaks the game could see some massive improvements in overall feel, communication and effectiveness, but as it is, it's still damn impressive!

This is one of my favorite horror games I've played in LONG time, Legtimately terrifying, and extremely well done! Here's part 1, Part 2 will be up tomorrow! 


Really cool Idea! Love out the box horror! 😀