You are not welcome here.

You find yourself inside a small cell. What are you doing here?
But more importantly, how are you going to get out?

A reinterpretation of the classic metroidvania genre with an RPG twist.


  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Interact and validate - SPACE or ENTER


Made by Eva Abollivier

Musics from
"Killers" by Kevin MacLeod
"Special Spotlight" by Kevin MacLeod
"Raving Energy" by Kevin MacLeod
"Hiding Your Reality" by Kevin MacLeod
"Phantom from Space" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY (

This game was made in one month for the Metroidvania Month 6 Game Jam.


Download 119 MB
Download 253 MB
Download 128 MB


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Super cute game! But the fight against the "The one who fears" characters is really hard... maybe I'm just big dumb, but I can't get passed it. It was fun playing it while I could though!

The restore action heals you. (allowing you to last long enough to defeat all three)

Alright, I'll try giving it another go then!