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You just finished your studies in the big city and are now returning to your virtually abandoned childhood to start a farm. Plant, harvest, plan ahead and befriend the inhabitants to revive this small community.

This game is a ten minutes experience, made as a student project.


2D/3D artist: Solène Larcher

Sound designer/Producer: Emmanuelle Gousset

Sound designer: Aurélien Demey

Programmer/Game designer: Paul Gaston

Game designer: Eva Abollivier

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorsEva Abollivier, Sarielle games, un-defined
Tags3D, agriculture, Cozy, Cute, Farming, Mouse only, permaculture, Relaxing, Top-Down


Perma.zip 251 MB


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Cool concept! Not sure if somethings happens after giving the tomatoes, but great experience!


Super cute game, really short but it would be great if it were to be a full game one day. With customization, household items, and cute outfits I think it'll be so amazing. Good potential here :D

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Hey there!

You must be wondering how to plant the tomatoes?

Well heres a tutorial I hope this helps ^^

Act 1 Let's get ready!

You should:

- Collect everything around 

- Don't go to the village yet

- Plant everything 

- Sleep until the plant grows

Act 2   Let's Talk

You should:

-   Go talk to   Gilbert (Tomato Person)

- Go talk to  Eric and give them the carrots  (Carrot Person)

Act 3  It's Time to Plant!

- Start to plant the   Green Bean Seeds in a circle like formation (its ok if it dies)

- Put the Tomato Seeds in the middle

- Repeat

- If you ran out  of Green Bean Seeds use Carrot Seeds 

- Sleep until it grows

-  If some didn't grow  its ok! harvest and try again

Act 4 Here you go!

- Give Gilbert (Tomato Person)

- Gilbert will Thank you and give you an item

✨ You Received an Axe  ✨

And thats where the game ends , I hope this helps someone! ^^

I love the game design! Unique and cute, I look forward to more of your games!

A wonderful and lovely little game. It's too sad that it's that short :)

My video on the game.

It was a nice game, though I didn't find much to do in it.

is this game not getting released 


I do n't understend how to get tomatos in time, before the man get mad and I loose the game. Maybe its because I'm not so good. I hoped it allow more freedom like harvest moon or animal crossing. The game is very cute, but I will quit. I LOVE the caracter and the grafic, but controls sometimes are not responsive, maybe it's my laptop.  Hovever it's a great job and a super cute game.

nice game here

but i got a lot of error actually (the game shut down it self)

I LOVED THE CONCEPT OF THIS GAME. I really hope you can make a longer version or a version where you can sell to other villagers and plant even more later. This game was pretty short and I expected to sit here playing it for like two hours but it was like 10 minuets maybe :( But I still really enjoyed the game so thank you and I recommend others get this game for a quick relaxing game session. <33


The problems that I had with it is that there isn't much to do, the town is pretty small, and it ends really awkwardly. Still, the art style is very pretty, characters are fun to talk to, and it has a lot of potential to become a full game. 


                    Cool Game

i didn't play the game i just wanted to try headings and strikethrough ...            


I really enjoyed the game! It was a short experience but I felt my time was well spent just enjoying the scenery, the buildings were designed well and the characters were all cute and enjoyable to talk to. The only problem I could say I had with the game is not realizing clicking on the house would skip the day and not being able to give my man Gilbert his tomato's!

Great game I really hope you continue working on!

I'm gutted this is just a proof of concept demo.

Or on the other hand I should say I'm glad - for the sake this game would've been the start of a new time sink for me if it hadn't ended! I'd love to see more come of this.

So, I like it. It has a lot of potential. It feels very very unfinished. I would like to see it more developed.

Here is my walkthrough:

Very fun game while it lasted. I was able to play until the tomato guy happened (vagueness to avoid spoilers). I don't know if this is where it is supposed to end or if my computer decided to go 'caput'.

Love the graphics. The story is good. The characters believable. Would love to play more.

A  really cute game. We enjoyed it very much. We did not have any issues with game, everything worked fine. 

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Congratulations Bishounenp you now know this is a demo

Is this a demo? I'd love to play the full game when it comes out!

Keeps freezing, i can't do much. Maybe it' just my computer?


Made a video


Is the game still in development or is it finished?

I managed to play until I got an axe and then the game ends

I wish it could be longer,  I really enjoyed the simple mechanism and the graphic

What should i do if my game freezes, and should there be an option where we can save our game progress?

Our game is only a ten minutes experience, we didn't think a save option would be that useful. We don't know what would cause your game to freeze, sorry.