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You just finished your studies in the big city and are now returning to your virtually abandoned childhood to start a farm. Plant, harvest, plan ahead and befriend the inhabitants to revive this small community.


2D/3D artist: Solène Larcher

Soud designer/Producer: Emmanuelle Gousset

Sound designer: Aurélien Demey

Programmer/Game designer: Paul Gaston

Game designer: Eva Abollivier


Perma.zip 251 MB


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Is the game still in development or is it finished?

I managed to play until I got an axe and then the game ends

I wish it could be longer,  I really enjoyed the simple mechanism and the graphic

What should i do if my game freezes, and should there be an option where we can save our game progress?

Our game is only a ten minutes experience, we didn't think a save option would be that useful. We don't know what would cause your game to freeze, sorry.