Sacrifice your friends to move forwards!

Glark, Steve, Bonny-chan, Noruto et Hodur were fighting against the evil Lord Druksor.
But suddently, they wake up in a strange and ominous place...
If they want to resume their fight against evil, they must get of here, and quick!
But Glark, the leader of the team, may have to take drastic actions to once again see the light of day...

Alternate control between five characters in this puzzle-platformer.
Choose wich character to sacrifice to overcome the obstacles in your way!


In each level, guide the characters towards the exit.
Some can die on the way, but as long as the leader (Glark) reaches the exit, you can access the next level.
But be careful, if you decide to go to the next level, any character who didn’t enter the exit will be left behind.


  • Move - A and D  or  Q and D
  • Jump - W  or  Z
  • Step down - S
  • Change character - SPACE
  • Restart level - R
  • Reset game - T

This game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 43.


Download 21 MB


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Good, i couldn't solve one level in particular myself so i had to look it up. Fun characters, they all have different personalities and meanings in the game, some are heavy, small, jump high, are fast. Love how the actual unnecessary evil is how the game says sacrifices must be made even though you shouldn't actually sacrifice anything in the game. It blends 3D in 2D. Nice.

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bug report:

if i restart level or game during dialogue sequence. the dialogue will remain after, and cause the game to freeze


Really good job with the subtle differences in platforming abilities between characters. It made the game fun to play through a second time when realizing that you can save everyone!

ending got me! lol i wished i only knew before hand! unnecessary evil- 00:36

Thank you for the superb game... yes we killed them over and over :D

Loved this game! Great idea! Wish it was longer!!! Any plans to expound on this game and idea? 

gu gem, buttt level three seem a bit buggy

Funny little game really enjoyed playing this Great job!

Solid game, well-made.

This is a very good game, especially for a game made in 72 hours, but it reminds me of BFDI 5b. I even used some techniques from that game like grab boosting (grabbing your friend, throwing him, switching to your friend, grabbing yourself, throwing, switching to yourself, then repeat)

Couldn't have saw the resemblance myself. Very weird comparasment.


Friendships wins again. Great work with it, had fun solving the puzzles. :)

good play~~~!!!!!!!!!